Me dot com

I’ve been resisting the whole thing for years. Always seemed a little pretentious, the thought of a web address with my name in it containing photos of me, my dog, and links to sites everyone already knows about (“Hey, have you seen this new thing called Google?”)

This songwriting thing is moving along pretty well, though. I figured it was only a matter of time before I gave in and stuck my name on a site, positioned next to a photo of me posing pensively with my guitar.

I’m camping in Pt. Reyes a month or so ago and I meet this guy named Bill Moore from “Drive!” magazine. I asked if he’s every test driven a Hummer. Then my wife Cyndy said, “play him your SUV song”. By campfire, I quietly strum the words to “Good God Man How Big a Car Do You Need?”. Bill loves it and wants to do a story on the song.

“What’s your web site?”, Bill asks.


So here we go.

The SUV song, along with two other tunes, is available on “Three Tales” a 3-song EP I’ve put together. Full CD coming very soon. See the Music page for more details.

The whole story from Drive! magazine is on the News page.

And yeah, that’s a photo of my dog. Picture of me posing pensively with my guitar? I suppose it’s only a matter of time.


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