Michael Gaither & Steve Kritzer

Michael Gaither and Steve Kritzer come from that pool of “Americana music,” mixing folk, singer-songwriter, country, and blues into something unique on its own. There’s a heavy storytelling bent to everything they write and play, and the variety of genres and influences is aided by the mix of instruments they bring to their music – including guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, and harmonica.

They met at a mutual gig several years ago, found an immediate common ground, and have performed as a duo ever since. In concert, they do a musical ping-pong, each alternately backing the other, and in a band configuration, there’s percussion and stand-up bass added to the mix. You can expect some fine picking, a few singalongs and laughter, and lots of great stories. Accomplished songwriters on their own, they’ll also take a few moments at each show for some solo work:


  • Listening to Michael and Steve is like visiting old friends. You may not see them often, but when you do, they take you to a warm and comfortable place. – Allan Molho / Landfall House Concerts
  • On Michael – Gaither’s sense of humor and keen observation of the human experience preside over his clever Americana originals. – Good Times Santa Cruz
  • On Steve – His hands are around his guitar and his arms are around his audience. – KEEN Radio / Lynn Scheinberg”

Booking Information
Michael and Steve are available for house concerts, festivals, wineries, or other events. For booking inquiries, send an email to booking@michaelgaither.com or call (831) 288-2226.

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