Want to host a house concert? It’s exactly what it sounds like: Music in your home or backyard. With friends. And food. And drink. (It’s a great excuse for a potluck.) It’s also old school. This is how music was played before we had venues.

The event is intimate, friendly, and there are no parking fees or Ticketmaster service charges. Your friends typically pay a “donation” of $10-$20 at the door. How much and how this is done is completely up to you. A flat-fee rate is also available.

Broke – Live from Michael Gaither on Vimeo.

I’ve played house concerts to as few as 15 and to as many as 60 people. Every house concert is unique and cool, not matter how big or small. Most importantly, they’re a lot of fun.

Email me at or call (831) 288-2226 for details.