CD Review: This Just In from Germany

It’s really fun getting comments back on a CD, particularly when those comments aren’t in your native language. A few years back, I had a Flemmish review of my first CD translated so I could post it here on the web site.

Earlier this week, the fine people at Country Jukebox (in Munich, Germany) posted this review of “Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night”:

Here’s how Google Translator handled it:

“The Californian MICHAEL GAITHER is authentic, he remains true to himself. Already recording his third album, Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night is back around for careful attention to his surroundings, comments on the events in his hometown of Watsonville, descriptions of people and nature around him. Gaither is a collector of stories, but also someone who meets his ways people listen, and observe. He sings what he thinks, what he feels and what moves him and many others. The result is a very tasty and it really captivating singer / songwriter / Americana / Folk / Country work.”

Big thanks to Max W. Achatz at Country Jukebox for the kind words and for taking the time to listen and review the record. And a thanks in advance to any German-speaking readers who might be able to help me fine-tune this translation a bit. ;)


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  1. Georgette Hilton
    January 12, 2013 at 9:47 am

    It must be frustrating having to translate , google also does a translation tool that might be useful for you . I’ve not been lucky enough to have my EP airplayed abroad yet …only airplayed in the UK .

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